Jake McKnight is a doctoral student at Oxford University’s Said Business School. He studies health reform in Ethiopia and the patient experience of initiatives that aim to make Ethiopian hospitals more ‘business like’. Jake was originally an engineer and worked for Medecins Sans Frontieres in Somalia before returning to university.

Julianne Weis is studying for a doctoral degree in the History of Medicine at Oxford, focusing  on the medicalization of childbirth in Ethiopia in the Haile Selassie era. She has a professional and research background in contemporary public health issues throughout Africa and Brazil.

Marco Di Nunzio is studying for a doctoral degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology at Oxford, looking at how  marginalization and forms of political oppression are produced, experienced and lived through in Addis Ababa’s inner-city.  In the past, Marco also conducted research on  youth issues,  urban coexistence and social segregation in northern Ethiopia and Italy.

Grant Brooke is studying for a doctoral degree in Theology and Religious Studies at Oxford University, working chiefly on how religious conversion in the two Sudans shifts political and economic behavior. Grant has worked both academically and professionally on religio-political issues in the United States. After years of theoretical work, Grant looks forward to beginning his fieldwork in South Sudan in fall of 2012.

Emma Lochery is studying for a doctoral degree in Politics at Oxford, focusing on the development of the transnational trade networks that link the Somali regions of the Horn to each other, to Somali diaspora around the world, and to commercial nodes in the Gulf and east Asia. Emma has in the past researched trade, markets, and citizenship issues in Kenya and Ethiopia.

Toni Weis is a doctoral student in Politics at Oxford, working on various aspects of political economy in the Horn of Africa, especially Ethiopia. He also supports the Ethiopian Red Terror Documentation and Research Center, and likes to dabble in Sudanese politics.

Alpha Abebe is a doctoral student in International Development at Oxford, and affiliated with the International Migration Institute and Diasporas Programme. Her research looks at the intersections of diasporas and development in Ethiopia, specifically focused on second-generation diasporas in North America. The rest of her time is spent working on youth advocacy issues globally, and photography.

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