Summer hiatus over!

Old postcard of Mogadishu

Old postcard of the seaside in colonial Mogadishu. Copyright unknown.

If you’ve been following this blog recently, you will have noticed that there hasn’t been much to follow. Sorry for this little summer hiatus, especially since so many things have been going on in the Horn!

But don’t worry, we’ve come back with lots of new stories and material. On Friday we are launching a five-part series on religion and politics in Ethiopia. There will be more from Nikki Kindersley on independence day in South Sudan, a review of the new edited volume “Sudan after Separation”, and a new post from Eastleigh by Neil Carrier. And who knows, perhaps we will even dabble in some Olympics coverage for a change? But for today, we are kicking off with Grant’s thoughts on the ill-informed use of the term “animism”. Take a look, and come back for more!


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